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advanced fermentation technology closed circulation

huanbao1.jpgin order to guarantee the cyclic utilization of production water supply and reduce water consumption, we strength the water supply and drainage management, implement the water-saving measures of combination between ladders utilization and self circulation. the fermentation technology realizes closed cycle and the water circulation utilization rate reaches to more than 93%. 


firstly establish low concentration organic wastewater treatment

huanbao.jpgapply anaerobic and aerobic biochemical treatment process, reuse of reclaimed water; realize reutilization of waste water; the discharged waste water is far lower than national standard and the water can be used to water plant and culture fish.   


holland paques water treating technology

huanbao5.jpgwe are the first domestic company that applies the holland paques water treating technology (the sixth of the world, the first of china); our sewage treatment level has reached the word leading level. this technology applies anammox technology to reduce ammonia-nitrogen; it is the world most advanced biological nitrogen removal technology. we have signed wastewater treatment transformation and technical import protocol with holland paques company and have invested 80 million yuan to devote ourselves to improve the wastewater treatment level of the productive process. using anammox technology to reduce ammonia-nitrogen is the most advanced biological nitrogen removal technology of the world. compared with the traditional nitrifying/denitrifying process, anammox reduce the chemicals consumption required in the denitrification process, save 60% power consumption, reduce energy consumption and simultaneously improve purification efficiency. 

comprehensive exhaust treatment technology

huanbao4.jpg at the end of 2008, meihua group signed cooperation agreement with canada, cost 70 million to apply electrical demisting equipment in exhaust gas treatment in compound fertilizer production process. this equipment can effectively remove the fine dust of exhaust gas and organic component of vapor; the efficiency is up to 99.5%? meanwhile, we cooperated with the shandong polytechnic university and mutually research and developed frp-electric conduction smoke gas treatment and passed the pilot plant test in may, 2009. the exhaust gas treatment efficiency is up to % above. recently, we have achieved further progress. firstly, we select and use domestic most advanced ddbd double dielectric barrier electro-discharge low-temperature plasma technology, autonomously research and develop a new generation of undesirable odor dedicated processing equipment which is with good treating effect, low operation cost, strong impact load resistance, stable and reliable operation, rapid and simple open and stop and other advantages. this technology uses high-energy electron to directly impact the contaminant molecule, water molecule and oxygen molecule in flue gas to broken the molecular bond and make the molecules are transformed into carbon dioxide, water and other harmless substance so as to make the flue gas is free of objectionable odor. 

invest more than 70 million yuan to establish incinerating treatment system

this incinerating treatment system applies exhaust gas/spent liquor incinerator technology of austria dumag company, solid waste incinerator technology of germany raschka company, high-tech draught fan of switzerland meidinger, waste heat recovery solution of germany wehrlewerke company, spark arrestor technology of germany protego company. it integrates with various kinds of foreign environmental protection technologies and is world comparatively mature solid waste and spent liquor joint incineration system equipment. 

this technology applies high-temperature incineration method to treat production, living solid waste, liquid waste difficult to be processed in the waste water biochemical treatment, and sludge generated in the sewage disposal process; and recycle waste heat to generate high pressure steam and drive turbine generator for generate electricity; daily disposes mass liquid waste, sludge and produces solid waste. 

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