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value proposition

“meihua always management themselves with objective for building a century-old company; they believe that the century-old foundation is created only through building outstanding enterprise culture and forming remarkable cultural gene.”

mission of meihua: develop recycling economy, benefit chinese agriculture

around the industrial chain of agricultural products deep processing, using the biological fermentation technology, meihua continuously optimizes the industrial structure and layout, improves resource use efficiency and environmental protection level, achieves max economic benefit and social benefit by min resource investment and goes on the way of sustainable development; provides with many kinds of product and service to repay the agriculture, provide extensive employment opportunities and help people live more healthier and improve the harmony between economic development and environment, human and nature. 

the strategic target of meihua: become a world leading amino acid enterprise

meihua started to produce amino acid from 2002. up to 2014, the annual output of amino acid product in meihua has reached million tons. the main product is glutamic acid, threonine, tryptophan, etc. these products have sold to more than 50 countries and regions. in june, 2010, meihua group r&d center has been qualified as “national amino acid industry testing and analysis center” by china fermentation industry association. in november, meihua joined the chinese amino acid industry technology innovation strategic alliance. 

core values of meihua: associating by honesty; improving by attitude; 
thriving by integrity; lasting by unity and harmony.

we treat the country, society, shareholder, friends and personnel respectively, honestly, frankly and sincerely; we inherit ruling the company by virtue, training man with moralities, moral trait is our primary principle for selecting and employing talents; probity, honesty and sincerity are our requirements for each meihua people, meihua people should strictly comply with the moral code, be honest and trusted. 

we concentrate diligently on our business, abide by our duty and efficient undertake our work; for our clients domestic and foreign, we attentively listen to their demand and provide service, repay our stockholder and the society with excellent performance, relay on our practical action to win a good social reputation and brand image.

we insist on taking cycling economy road, pursue harmony between economical production and natural environment; we stick to our commitment to our shareholders, gain and reasonably distribute the profits, realize harmonious development between enterprise growth and shareholder’s returns; we consist on the harmonious development between employees and enterprise, mutually create and share outcome and mutually accomplish our undertaking.  

struggle and striving spirit of meihua people: work with a will to make the company strong, have the courage to bring forth new ideas, always dare to be the first, never say giving up.

we maintain entrepreneurial zeal, continuously pursue professional and vocational improving; we struggle and keep forging ahead, constantly break through the routine, achieve innovation; practice whatever we want to do, perform rapidly, keenly capture market information; when facing frustrations, cope with them without any flagging and shrink, leave no stone unturned to face the difficulty, keep clear mind and flexible thinking at all time and apply scientific and reasonable means to solve any problems appeared in the work. 

the beautiful vision of meihua: focusing on biotechnology, building and sharing better future.

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focusing on biotechnology, building and sharing better future

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