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corn gluten meal for feedstuffs

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corn gluten meal is a kind of secondary product produced through the process that the corn kernel is used to produce starch in food industry or purified in wine industry. it is with abundant protein nutritional ingredient and special flavor, color and luster and can be used as feed. compared with common used fish meal and bean cake in feed industry, it is with remarkable resource superiority, high feeding value, no toxic and harmful substance, no need for retreatment and can be directly used as protein raw materials. 

basic information

english name:corn gluten meal

nutritional ingredient 

since corn gluten meal in different usage and different production process has different nutritional ingredients, it directly affects the effective availability and economic benefit of feed formula. the protein content of corn gluten meal produced in medical industry is up to more than 60%. it is respectively 21% higher than bean cake and 3.7% higher than fish meal. it is a kind of feedstuff with high content of protein. meanwhile, its crude fiber content is lower than 3.9% bean cake. the fat content of medical corn gluten meal is higher than bean cake and corn. after it is mixed into feed, it is with high fat content and in favor of reducing the amino acid oxidation and generated ribosomal protein, and also can restrain glucose and other fat transformed by precursor substances; under high temperature, it is also beneficial to energy intake, reduces body heat consumption of beasts and birds and is slow down heat stress. 

purified corn gluten meal is the secondary product of brewing industry. since it contains unknown growth factor, after being added into the daily ration, it can remarkably improve animal production performance. 

feed application

1、cattle feed

taking corn gluten meal as concentrated feed can make the protein can’t be digested by rumen preferably digested and assimilated in small intestine. 

2、swine feed

the protein content of corn gluten meal is directly related to the apparent digestive energy of swine. the proportion between energy and protein is in favorable conditions or the material with balance essential amino-acid and non-essential amino acid has high energy digestive rate. 

3、chicken feed

the corn gluten meal based laying hen mixed feed can improve about 15% of laying rate. it can prevent and cure chicken osteomalacia and other disease, act effect of health caring and growth promoting. it’s in favour of improving the quality of egg protein. 

4、pigmentation of broiler chicken

even though the pigmentation degree of chicken skin has nothing to do with nutritive value, while it is affected by the traditional culture, common customers and feeders still take it as one of critical measuring indicator for quality of broiler product so that it directly affects price and demand of broiler chicken market. 

broiler chicken can’t form lutein in itself body and can only absorb it from feed. in order to achieve desired skin colour, in general, add carophyll red, carophyll yellow and other chemical synthetic colorant. these colorants increase feed cost and residue in body of beasts and birds. the lutein content of corn gluten meal is up to 90-180mg/kg which is 5 times of yellow maize ad can be effectively absorbed. it can make the egg in golden yellow and make the chicken skin in yellow. since the price of corn gluten meal is close to the bean cake, the corn gluten meal added with arsanilic acid can replace the chemical synthetic colorant to improve the pigmentation degree of broiler chicken. 

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