three kinds of common amino acid in protein are leucine, valine and isoleucine that are collectively referred to as branched chain amino acid (bcaa). 

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branched chain amino acid supplement is generically known as bcaas. it is very popular in athletes who want to increase lean mass and sport performance. branched chain amino acid includes leucine, valine and isoleucine. general views believe that bcaa may enters into brain through blood and reduces the generation of 5-hydroxytryptamine in brain while the 5-hydroxytryptamine may make human feeling tired. it may relieve mental fatigue by reducing content of 5-hydroxytryptamine. at present, there is appreciable quantity of scientific researches to support this theory. 

when you want to build more strong and powerful body, the stimulation in cellular level and energy supply for muscle is necessary. bcaa (leucine, valine and isoleucine) forms almost 1/3 muscle protein. bcaas can reduce muscle fatigue, accelerate recover, reduce losing of other amino acid from muscle exercise time and contribute to body protein absorption. lacking of any of these three kinds of amino acid will cause muscle loss. not like other amino acid, bcaas is metabolized in muscle, not in liver. 

all kinds of branched chain amino acid are with mutual competition in absorbing ability, so that they are must be supplemented simultaneously so as to guarantee maximum absorption. since exercise is the fast condition for bcaas consumption, supplementing the bcaas before/during exercise can improve athletic ability and delay fatigue. after exercise, take bcaas immediately or with meal can reduce cortisol and rapidly recover bcaas level in muscle. 

this kind of amino acid can improve anabolism (muscle growth) through two special ways: ? improving insulin release, ? improving release of growth hormone. the most important member in bcaa is leucine, and that is the precursor of ketoisocaproate (kic) and hmb. kic and hmb can add muscle, reduce fat and provide human body with nutrition. whey protein is with high content of bcaa, it should be supplemented 4-5g after exercise. 

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