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analysis and testing center

analysis and testing center introduction:

langfang meihua bio-technology development co. ltd. analysis and testing center was established in may 2009 and was awarded the title of national fermentation industry association of national testing center of amino acid industry in june 2010. it is the unique professional amino acid detection and analysis center within china, willing to become the world's leading inspection, analysis, identification and testing organization.

the center relies on national high-tech enterprises, provincial technology engineering center and postdoctoral innovation base and was first established by virtue of the unique technology in the field of amino acids which has aroused widespread concern in the industry. in april 2014, the center was awarded by the china national accreditation board for conformity assessment cnas national accredited laboratories title, mutual recognition of test reports in more than 30 major countries and regions in the world.

the center is nearly 1000 square meters, beautiful surroundings, and analyzers with master degree for more than 60%, with a variety of analytical instrumentation nearly hundreds of units (sets). we uphold the "customer-centric, to provide customers with comprehensive quality testing services and solutions" business philosophy to "scientific and standardized, efficient and timely, objective and fair, better" quality to "do its utmost to meet customer needs providing product solutions "for the purpose of service. test items currently covers more than 100 categories, more than 300 test parameters, hundreds of skilled application detection methods, and international and domestic many well-known large-scale enterprises have maintained long-term friendly and cooperative relations, to provide comprehensive detection technology services for partners, and deeply involved in product development process, undertake testing and data analysis of important research and development project work, testing and method development capability has been highly recognized by customers and affirmation.



laboratory accreditation qualification:national accreditation committee cnas iec 17025 testing laboratory qualification


laboratory capacity certification

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national amino acid industry analysis and testing center / postdoctoral innovation base


amino acid engineering research center of hebei province

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