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china food newspaper: “msg fertilizer”: cleanest and healthy organic fertilizer. 05-15-2015

washington when after china's reliance on large area spreading fertilizer for grain production, crop specific aroma's absence, a new guarantee organic fertilizer to crop the original flavor--"msg fertilizer", started in the organic market to emerge.

in china, the organic fertilizer rich in resources, variety, not only contains manure, composting classes and straw mixed fertilizer category, green manure, soil types, and have a cake class, hai fat class, agricultural wastes and biogas fertilizer and other towns. researchers found that these raw materials sources of organic fertilizer complex, hiding many environmental risks arising from fertilizer injury event are heard. , member of the national committee of jiangsu provincial cppcc vice chairman, president of the nanjing branch of chinese academy of sciences zhou jianmin has said that a series of studies showed that security implications of organic fertilizer is very big, especially in addition to heavy metals in livestock manure, diseased bacteria, hormones and other organic pollutants and so on.

as we all know, chicken manure in all the nutrients in the manure to the highest, most comprehensive, is the best organic fertilizer production raw materials, but also the general farmers retting organic fertilizer of choice on their own. according to studies, in fresh chicken, manure organic matter content is at 25.5%, in addition to elements required for a crop. according to the determination, in chicken feces, containing nitrogen is 2.38%, p is 2.65%, potassium is 1.76%, and magnesium oxide is 0.46%. 100 kg of chicken manure respectively equivalent to 3.5 kg of urea, 8.2 kg of superphosphate, 3.4 kg of potassium sulphate containing active ingredients, worked faster than organic fertilizers, won the majority of growers like. however in recent years show that, using a simple fermentation of chicken manure also brought a lot of side effects, such as infectious diseases and insect pests, burning seedlings of fermentation, acidification of soil, heavy metals exceeded, damage the root system, inconvenience, etc, this traditional material of organic fertilizer is more and more large base and farmers to give up, to find better, safer organic fertilizer instead of raw materials.

so, safe organic fertilizer where? in fact, food made of fermented liquid organic fertilizer will solve security problems. at present, in the regions of northwest china and inner mongolia, many farmers have already started their own land and trees use "msg fertilizer", bearing the fruits of high quality, good taste. the "msg fertilizer" what is it?, according to experts, "msg fertilizer" is the production of byproducts of monosodium glutamate made of processed organic fertilizers, "msg fertilizer" is commonly known.

msg fertilizer "is one of the most prominent advantage of green and safe, it's no ordinary organic fertilizer may be harmful. msg is corn, wheat and other food crops as raw materials containing starch protein more processed condiments. from raw materials shang see, "msg fertilizer" is msg of subsidiary products, main raw materials is food fermentation liquid, from source shang put an end to has heavy metal content exceeded of problem; from making process shang see, whole process are is in full closed of space in the after biological fermentation and into, put an end to has link was human or natural pollution of may, and fermentation process in the can change raw materials in the original material of state, improve utilization, also can killed raw materials in the of insect, and eggs, and virus,. because msg is direct food supplies, so fat in the production process of monosodium glutamate in the requirement is much higher than using ordinary fertilizer to crops, can be regarded as high-end products of organic fertilizer.

"msg fertilizer" make and use not only security, but also full of nutrients, nutrient-rich. tongliao meihua monosodium glutamate factory of organic fertilizer production experts, "msg fertilizer" not only containing elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium and also contains trace elements such as sulphur, calcium, magnesium, silicon, and rich in organic matter and a variety of amino acids. organic can improve soil, water and nutrient retention, promotion of beneficial organisms in the soil and breeding, improving fertilizer use efficiency; amino acid can make the crop robust and improve crop resistance; sulfur on soil disinfection function is integral part of the synthesis of protein crops, nitrogen fixing and improving nitrogen use efficiency.

since "msg fertilizer" can be widely applied to various crops, can significantly improve the quality of agricultural products, therefore is to develop powerful booster of modern eco-agriculture in green and healthy, is the major force in agricultural fertilizer market in the future.

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