meihua group was awarded the "china environmental and social responsibility enterprise" title-凯发k8娱乐登录k8凯发下

meihua group was awarded the "china environmental and social responsibility enterprise" title


recently, meihua group was awarded the "china environmental and social responsibility enterprise" title, which issued by china environment news, a unit directly under the ministry of environmental protection. the award is to recognize the enterprises which made outstanding contributions to environmental protection in 2016. it is of great meaning for meihua group to be awarded the title, especially when the world environment day (june 5) is on the way. 

the coming world environment day on june 5 is the first one since the new environmental protection law was issued. the 13th five-year plan clearly puts forward "adhere to green development, make efforts to improve the ecological environment”. the ministry of environmental protection will determine the theme of china according to china’s actual situation under the theme of the united nations environment programs (unep). a series of propaganda programs will also be launched. as the only official media in the environmental protection system, china environment news took active part in the propaganda and education work (2016) that was launched by the ministry of environmental protection. it organized a series of activities and awarded some selected outstanding enterprises in different fields which had contributed to environmental protection. this encourages more enterprises to join the line and to be more socially responsible.

meihua group has adhered to the principle “develop recycling economy, contribute to chinese agriculture”. it takes social responsibilities as the enterprise develops. it actively promotes environmental protection and has made outstanding achievements in treating water, exhaust gas and residue. on water treatment, the group invested a large sum of money to build two sets of double membrane water-recovery equipment with the capacity to recycle and reuse 4.3 tons of reclaimed water. if a person uses 200 m³ of water a year, it meets 21,500 people’s demand of water for a year. on exhaust gas, the company imported from netherlands a set of advanced ic anaerobic reactor to deeply process waste water. each year 1.45 million m³ of marsh gas is recycled and reused. it equals to more than 10,000 tons of standard coal. on energy conservation and emission reduction, the group invested over 100 million yuan to upgrade the exhaust gas desulphurization device. advanced ammonia desulphurization technology helps to cut co₂ emission from 200 mg/ m³ to below 35 mg/ m³ . it fully meets the country’s severest ultra-low emission requirements specially made for the eastern developed regions. 45,000 tons of by-product ammonium sulfate can be recycled for comprehensive utilization a year which means 24,000 tons of so₂ emission is cut down. the group actively undertakes the responsibility and duty of environmental protection.

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