our company joined in the 2014 fic shanghai international exhibition for food additives and ingredients-凯发k8娱乐登录k8凯发下

our company joined in the 2014 fic shanghai international exhibition for food additives and ingredients


with the footsteps of spring, the 18th china international exhibition on food additives and ingredients was opened on march 25-27, 2014 in shanghai world expo exhibition and convention center. the exhibition attracted thousands of exhibitors and ten thousands of professional audiences forging and domestic from 73 countries and regions of the five continents to participate in the exhibition. exhibition area was up to 72000 square meters which exhibited 23 kinds of food additives, 35 categories of food ingredients including thousands of products. this fic exhibition reached new levels no matter in the exhibition size or in the content and forms. it became asia's largest, the most famous and influential brand of international professional exhibition.

the annual fic exhibition in shanghai is a big stage to show the company image and brand, and meihua group has participated in the exhibition for consecutive years. the stand of meihua group was located in no.1 international exhibition area 1c13/1d12. the stand of this year had tried helpfully attempt and bold innovation in image design, space layout, light and tonal collocation, samples or product exhibition and display mode which had a good visual and ornamental effect and deeply attracted the view of visitors. it demonstrated the meihua group’s product and corporate image very well and also added a fragrance of meihua in the fic exhibition.



in order to smoothly open the exhibition, the meihua group has made the careful deployment and meticulous preparation. this exhibition was leaded by the general manager of company liang yubi. he sent many professional personnel including managers of every base each production line, responsible persons of relevant products, head of research and development department and the whole sales team of the company. the domestic and overseas agents, distributors of the company and the final users all came to our stand, and they all expressed that the corporate image, stand and the product display gave them a profound impression, and they also expressed a desire for further strengthening cooperation. the stand also attracted a large number of domestic and foreign professional merchants and famous companies to come and consult with us. tthe new and old customers come to our company stand covered food additives, pharmaceutical intermediates, feed additives, flavor foods, colloid, and pollutant polysaccharides, the six industrial clusters. the exhibition also strongly showed the double leading strategy of meihua group: become the world's leading enterprise in amino acid industry, the china's leading condiment enterprises. it greatly improved the industry visibility of meihua group and reached multiple objectives to display and promote the company image, industry distribution, development strategy, quality control management, environmental protection and other aspects.

since the food additive plays a more and more important role for the development of food industry, it has become an indispensable elements in food industry, become the power and source of food industry technology innovation and healthy development. as a leader of the amino acid and condiment fields, meihua group will take responsibility of industry development for our country, continue to enlarge scale, strengthen the research input and brand building, introduce more reliable high-end product, express the brilliance of biological fermentation technology in china.

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