science and technology daily: experts say technology and resources remain the bottleneck of development of amino acids industry-凯发k8娱乐登录k8凯发下

science and technology daily: experts say technology and resources remain the bottleneck of development of amino acids industry

news (xinhua li he) "power is the amino acid industry in china, but it is not real power. "october 14, 2011 held in langfang city, hebei province, meihua group international amino acid industry innovation and development forum, shi weichen, chairman of the china fermentation industry association said that technology and resources remains the development of amino acids industry bottlenecks.

is amino acid production and consumption in china, the annual consumption is about 1.4 million tons. in 2010, china's industrial output of more than 3 million tons of amino acids. up to 2.2 million tons of amino acid, glutamic acid, 70% per cent of total world production; new products output value reached 2.2 billion yuan, and yields the highest in the world; other pieces of amino acids with high added value, such as phenyl alanine, proline, market demand is increasing.

shi weichen says, however, compared with the international advanced level, scientific and technological innovation ability of amino acid industry in china, some products are only a small number of companies can produce yields lower; relatively few new amino acid products with independent intellectual property rights, industrial capability is weak; still needed breakthroughs in key technologies, the ability of independent innovation to improve. in addition, amino acid industry in china there is high dependence on resources and environment. "rely only on energy and lower production costs in china, it is difficult to compete with the amino acid in the production of the world powers. ”

however, shi weichen said amino acid industry in china is facing good opportunities for development; countries encourage the relevant units to speed up technology research and development, improve resource utilization. according to national ndrc industry structure adjustment directory (2011 this) in the, will encourages development sketch species amino acids, eliminated 30,000 tons/years following msg production device,; to 2015, to medicinal amino acids for representative of high growth sex, and high added value fermentation products share by 2010 of 60% improve to 70% above, msg, and citric acid, by 24% declined to 18% following; fermentation industry "twelve-five" fermentation planning also introduced related policy, improve high growth sex, and share of high value-added products and level of service.

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