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china science and technology network: meihua holding group leading capsule enterprise

plum flower biological latest announcement, proposed by way of equity transfer and increase endowment spread won the domestic hollow capsule control bibcock enterprise wide raw medicine, to developing the company's market share in capsule business area, high value-added niche in the downstream extension, improve business development initiatives.

hina science and technology network (reporter cao xiuying) meihua group recently published the latest announcement, through equity transfer and capital increase and share expansion finally get in the way of domestic leading enterprises of hollow capsules wide right to absolute control of health and medicine in order to expand the company in a capsule within the business area's market share. this is the beginning of the acquisition after dalian chinese letter 100% stake in bio-pharmaceutical company, meihua group initiated another major initiative bio-pharmaceutical field, when the transfer is complete, the company put into operation the pullulan speed to achieve the final product of the project will be the fastest transformation. this series of actions, is undoubtedly the meihua group to downstream value-added niche expansion, business development initiatives and guide new investments to contract manufacturing extends further.

pullulan extracted from fermentation of pure plants, due to its excellent film and many excellent characteristics of an ideal raw material for capsules in order to replace animal gelatin made of hollow capsules of pure natural plant, with low oxygen permeability and rapid disintegration, green, natural and stable performance advantages, is the first choice of high-end health products, drugs and cosmetics. the emergence of pullulan polysaccharide capsules which conforms to the current natural healthy lifestyle and consumption habits, become the future direction of international capsule industry advocate.

according to the survey, current market demand for nearly 200 billion, only the pharmaceutical industry will remain 10% growth over the next 10 years, new hollow demand 20 billion tablets a year, 300 million yuan of new markets. current output accounted for 25%, the remaining gap temporarily by jiangsu and zhejiang in the vicinity of capsule manufacturers added by hand, over more than 400 capsule manufacturer in this area have been late in 2002 by the national clean up to keep more than 20 companies. therefore capsules is with a huge market demand, existing production is far from sufficient, plus state of hollow capsules of safety regulatory system is not perfect, cause the empty capsule manufacturing level of large gaps, uneven quality, handmade product squeeze mechanism product market so that criminals have a chance, resulting in recent years "poison capsule" rife, seriously endangering public security.

with the approval of the ministry of health bulletin 2006 8th pullulan as a new food additive varieties, pullulan began to be applied in food; in pharmaceutical packaging materials, environmental protection, cosmetics, chemical industry, agriculture and other sectors of application are ongoing, in high demand. only capsules of pharmaceutical packaging materials, china's annual consumption for preparation of gelatin capsules for more than 10000 tons, if 30% gelatin capsules are replaced with pullulan polysaccharide capsules, capsule industry's annual demand will reach only 6000 tons. although the plant is still in its infancy stage capsule in china, its sources of raw materials and higher returns, are widely used, so technology can be expected after the breakthrough, capsules will achieve a wider space. in addition, the "poison capsule" outbreak of gelatin capsules, a devastating blow to the industry, and pullulan capsules of the rapidly expanding market opportunity.

guang pharmaceutical has more than 30 years of production history of hollow capsules, mainly the production of hollow gelatin capsules, pullulan hollow capsules and hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose capsule, currently has a fully automatic production line 76, gmp-compliant production base, the annual production capacity of 35 billion grains. guang-capsule price has been steadily rising since 2012, gross interest rate has been increased to 30%.

meihua group's independent research and development building of pullulan project has put into operation, the fermentation period is short, high sugar and low consumption, especially the extraction process has reached domestic advanced level, breaking the japan linyuan, and united states industry giants such as warner years of technical monopoly. at present, pullulan hollow because of the high price is mainly concentrated at the high end of medicine, health products, cosmetics and other areas, terminal products, such as after all, capacity to improve, prices will fall further, cost will continue to lower, when their applications in food, environmental protection, agriculture will become more widespread.

thus it can be seen that meihua group released enter the biopharmaceutical industry factors, enterprises deploy strategies to achieve industrial restructuring and upgrading, underlines the company's sharp market insights into strength and strong research and mergers and acquisitions, new product development and market will create new markets and become new profit growth point, then bring in huge profits and returns. meihua group's move is expected to open the domestic and foreign markets, new opportunities for development, become an important support in the development of bio-pharmaceutical strategy.

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