our tongliao meihua won the honor of 2013 annual "china high quality and honesty enterprise" -凯发k8娱乐登录k8凯发下

our tongliao meihua won the honor of 2013 annual "china high quality and honesty enterprise"



on december 20, 2013,in tongliao city inner mongolia autonomous region entry and exit inspection and quarantine bureau chief liuxin accompanied by zhao xiaobing the chief of entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau and other people, visited to tongliao meihua and awarded our company the honor medal and certificate of the " china high quality and honesty enterprise " medals and certificates. tongliao company executive vice president wang you, chief engineer sun guangchun, assistant chief engineer zhang xueli and production quality division chief huang dexin and other company leaders warmly received them.

at the start of the ceremony, the president of inner mongolia autonomous region entry-exit inspection and quarantine association tong xiaoguang presented the notification for certificate issuing: after it reviewed and approved by domestic authoritative experts: throughout the country total 676 companies obtained the honor of "china high quality and honesty enterprise" in 2013. tongliao meihua was listed in the honor of "china high quality and honesty enterprise" which only 5 enterprises won in inner mongolia autonomous region. after the presentation was finished, chief liu xin made a speech. he sincerely congratulated us for we won the award for the china high quality and honesty enterprise expressed sincere congratulations. since the product quality is related to people's physical health, liu xin stressed the national emphasis on quality work. tongliao meihua won the honor meant that meihua company effectively implemented and fulfilled honest and faithful management idea and quality policy of a responsible enterprise, and it also meant that we would undertake more responsibility in the future; he ardently hoped that tongliao would continue to strengthen closely internal cooperation, let everyone involved in the innovation management, and create higher product quality record.

tongliao company executive vice president wang you thanked the leaders at all levels for their care and guidance on behalf of the company. he said the award is the result of the efforts of the company personnel over the years, and it established my company’s status of "quality credit enterprise". so that it is of great significance. in future, our company will play an exemplary role in strengthening the construction of good faith and promoting the development of the quality and take the responsibility of the industry pioneer to make more contributions to the state and society.

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