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novozymes research and development and management team come to our company to exchange experience


novozymes is the world famous enterprises for enzymes preparation, is one of the largest suppliers for raw materials of our company and is an important partner of the meihua for years. in recent years, it with our company in the new material technology also conducted more in-depth cooperation, and had made a lot of progress. the company's research and development system has decades of development history, has a wealth of research background, the project management, team building has a wealth of experience which is worth us learning and using for reference.

on june 30, 2014 morning, the meihua - novozymes exchange meeting for research and development technology and management was held on the marketing building, novozymes company, led by dr research and development director wu wenping, a line of people came to the meihua, communicated with meihua research and development colleagues for research and development project process, team building, performance management, and novozyme sproblems in research of some technical issues cooperated with the meihua.

from dr. wu’s introduction for novozymes company research and development project process, novozymes research and development process system is divided into tec, nl, dis, dev, opt, the tec is the generation step for project idea. after the creation a project vision passes nl stage technical feasibility experiment and the economic feasibility analysis of dis stage, after it passes the evaluation, it set up a project immediately and is enter the dev, opt the two formal development links. compared with it, some projects we often don’t have strict technical feasibility verification but directly put it into the formal project development link. i think this kind of rigorous attitude is very worthy of referencing.

after dr. wu’s introduction for team building and performance evaluation mechanism, we found that the novozymes paid more attention to employee career development planning, performance assessment emphasized incentive orientation, and its annual staff turnover rate was basically controled within 7%, it is worthy of us learning in performance management.

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