our company to participate in the plant extracts, health and innovative materials west exhibition-凯发k8娱乐登录k8凯发下

our company to participate in the plant extracts, health and innovative materials west exhibition



the american market is the strategic area of meihua. after years of cultivation, the meihua amino acids in the american market has made gratifying achievements, become first choice product for more and more manufacturers. this reflects both the meihua has always attached great importance to the u.s. market, and the meihua products quality and service have been recognized in the ocean and obtained the high praise.

on october 8 to 9, a two-day supplyside west 2014 united states plant extracts, health and innovation western materials exhibition held in las vegas (ssw). meihua group sent special foreign entrants to participate in the exhibition. to do a good job in the exhibition, the meihua had done a lot of careful preparations in early phrase. with gratitude, sincerity, and the optimal cost-effective products and exhibiting members communicated with the old customers, and discussed cooperation with new customers, ultimately achieved success and returned fully loaded.

ssw as the largest pharmaceutical and health food raw materials professional exhibition is a grand meeting for plant extracts, functional food raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, hairdressing cosmetic raw materials and health products raw materials. with the deepening of the health concept and improvement of living standards, it gets more attention of the consumers that amino acid used in food and beverage, health care products, cosmetic ingredients and pharmaceutical products. the health care products market annual growth rate is as high as 7%. participants in the majority with u.s. companies, distributor and processors of all kinds of health products, medicine and cosmetics participated in the exhibition.

our company participated in the exhibition with fermentation class glutamine, isoleucine, leucine, valine, proline, etc and medicine related products. the exhibition had an overwhelming response. meihua amino acids are all made fromhigh quality corn fermentation which is safer than hydrolytic amino acid and more favorable in market. it was becoming the hot consumer goods in the market of united states.

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