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on june 24, the 15th chemical pharmaceutical ingredient china was opened in shanghai new international expo centre. since the cphi was introduced into china in 2001, depending on favorable market development opportunity, high-quality domestic and overseas customer resources and abundant exhibition holding experience, through 10 years of uninterrupted accumulation, it has developed into a trade platform widely recognized in the raw material pharmacy industry. 

this exhibition set up 14 exhibition halls including 2600 exhibiting companies domestic and overseas. as an exhibiting company, meihua group took old and new product to participate in this exhibition. the stand of meihua group was with unique design. red and white stand appearance and color assortment has become the signature style of meihua group. it is concise while not simple, dignified while not extravagant, and presents a new meihua image to new and old clients. 

medical amino acids series leaded competition, and obtained full of praise from clients domestic and overseas.  

as a leading enterprise in the chinese biological fermentation industry, meihua has reached many achievements in the medical amino acid field over the years. the glutamine published in 2007 has high reputation in the market. the three branched chain amino acids also look promising. the medical product has been with a certain scale and has consisted of three main sections of the meihua group business with food additives and feed additives. it is widely used in medicine, health care and cosmetics industry with wide market prospect.  


for the past few years, since meihua has repeatedly displayed in international exhibition, the cognitive degree of personnel in this industry of the world has increased rapidly. many international friends companies also took this opportunity to come to china and meet their “old friends” on the meihua exhibition stand. they communicated with us for international newest industrial development and product demand and hope for further cooperation. in their views, meihua is a reliable product supplier which can provide them with most powerful supply guarantee and satisfy their requirements of quality, price and new product. this condition also can be seen from the annual factory inspection of many transnational enterprises. each year, many transnational enterprises perform factory review and acceptance for their suppliers with long-term cooperation and they will directly come into the factory and perform review according to the international standard. the reviews results are all very satisfied. meihua consistent;y insist on international production technology and management levels, so that it has achieved global consistent approbation in the industry.

in the exhibition, foreign merchants showed a very strong interest and willingness to my company's products s. they were full of praise when they heard that meihua had global supply capacity in medical amino acids, capsule, vaccine series of products as well as in food additives, feed additives, polysaccharide gel and other fields.

a foreign client also gave a thumbs-up gesture and said: "the meihua in china is very great!"he heard meihua abroad. in this exhibition, seen such a large product line as well as the global supply capacity and competitive advantages of meihua, he surprised and expressed admiration for the production technical capacity of chinese companies.

trehalose’s publishing caused an enormous splash

it is worth mentioning that the meihua group also brought big gift products when it attended the cphi fair. it was known as the "sugar of life” in the scientific community and that was trehalose. through more than two years of time, meihua group focused on research and development strength, break the international technology monopoly, finally went into operation in june 2015, and officially released the product on the exhibition, began to accept the global order. the selling points and bargaining amplitude of the product are very attractive.


in the cphi fair, the appearance of meihua trehalose attracted close attention of exhibitors from different fields. the resons mainly included the following points.

1、break the international technology monopoly

with very high technical threshold, trehalose had been dominated by america and japan manufacturers with high prices. the manufacturers from various kinds of country refused it in front of high prices and feel powerless and frustrated. on june 10, meihua group depended entirely on its own research and development and finally achieved the success of trehalose. the product purity was 99.5%, which fully met the quality requirements of the international market and filled the gaps of the chinese technology and market. when the good news is published, all of the customers felt happy and surprising, the domestic customers immediately began to place an order, and even some foreign clients fight directly to the group headquarters to discuss cooperation

2、superior quality and competitive price

high quality - could rival the past monopoly company of trehalose. meihua group has national r&d center and locate in the leading position in fermentation industry. through the unceasing research and development, the product quality has reached, or even exceeded the japanese products; in appearance, it also can take advantage of the meihua on the crystallization process and make the product with more beautiful appearance and more practical;

low price – is an unparalleled price advantage. meihua group has a super-large scale industrial chain production advantages. the production base of meihua trehalose is in inner mongolia tongliao which is with raw materials, energy and other various advantages. it is the consistent company tenet of meihua that we improve production technology, and constantly reduce cost; are beneficial to the customer and achieve a win-win situation with customers, make mutual progress and growth. 

3、made discounting orders in the cphi with an unprecedented strength! 

in order to feedback the old and new customers, during the cphi fair in shanghai, the meihua group held a big promotion, trehalose give trehalose purchasing customers 5% - 10% discount, this is from the exhibition, the meihua never had the preferential policy, a move that quickly won the customers highly recognized, have to come to consult cooperation.

4、trehalose popularization age is coming

relaying on the unique biological function and peculiar efficacy, trehalose has wide prospect of market in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and cosmetic industry. trehalose has a comprehensive protection performance for food. the food added it is easily to achieved the effect of "freshly prepared condition, maintaining food freshness"; for the applications in medicine, trehalose is used to replace the plasma protein and used as a stabilizing agent  in blood products, vaccine and other bioactive substances; in the cosmetics industry, trehalose can be added to almost any cosmetics, such as masks, essence, foundation cream, shampoo, etc., and it also can be used as the sweeteners, flavor ingredients, quality improver in lipstick, mouth cleaner, oral fragrance, etc.

trehalose has 30000 tons of consumption volume in japan, but in china there are only about 3000 tons. with 1.3 billions of population, chinese population is japan's 10 times while the consumption volume is only its one-tenth. in the future china will have 300,000 tons of potential demand to development. it is observed that, both domestic and foreign markets need the meihua trehalose.

green and healthy plant capsules, which is made by shanxi guangsheng medicinal capsule co., ltd.

within thousands exhibitors in the exhibition, there's a heavyweight medicinal capsule manufacturing enterprises need to be mention, this is the subsidiary corporation of meihua group, shanxi guangsheng medicinal capsule co., ltd which is known as the "asian top" in the conscience capsule manufacturing field. stand number w5e40, the stand was applied an implicit design while its connotation was abundant.


since the zhejiang xinchang poison capsule event in 2012, since gunagsheng company adhered to the faithful management morality, the company principle of quality first, its product passed national, provincial, municipal inspection and fully met the national standards for many times, and get fully affirmed by the society and customers, it attracted many customers and the products demand exceeded supply. guangsheng capsule became the first brand in chinese capsule industry, and the company was praised as "guangsheng phenomenon" by the society. today the company can provide society with annual 40 billion grains of high quality empty capsules so as to let the chinese people use safe medicine.


established in 1983, with annual 40 billion grains of product output, shanxi guangsheng medicinal capsule co., ltd. is at present the largest and highest-productivity professional capsule manufacturer in china.  in 2014, the company achieved first capsule sales in the country, and it is the largest asian production base of capsule, with 74 of the world's most advanced capsule production lines.

shanxi guangsheng medicinal capsule co., ltd specializes in producing all kinds of medicine empty capsule which mainly include gelatin capsules, enteric capsule, cellulose capsule, pullulan capsule and ichthyocolla capsule. our products are exported to countries and regions of north america, europe, and southeast asia and other regions as well as sold to more than 700 pharmaceutical enterprises, such as sk&f, tiens group, beijing tongrentang group. it covers 25% of market shares. the product has passed the us dmf registration, nsf accreditation, eu brc authentication, kosher certification, halal certification, iso9001, iso14001 and ohsas18001. in 2014, the company totally acquired 10 national patents. the huangsheng capsule was continuously evaluated as shanxi province famous brand. 

as a flag bearer of china conscience capsule, guangsheng capsules play an irreplaceable role for healthy development of chinese capsule industry, so that it became a kind of beautiful scenery on the cphi fair.


meihua group plays an important role in the production of medicinal amino acids, sugars, products, capsule products in health care products, pharmaceutical ingredients and pharmaceutical intermediates. with leading biotechnology, based on the biological fermentation industry platform, meihua will develop more better products dedicated to society and realize the vision " meihua quality, global enjoy ". this is the future of meihua and it is realizing.

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